About Us

Hurdle6.com is a online media company specializing in identifying misunderstood public companies that have high-quality characteristics that could lead to multi-bagger potential. Most of the time we are focused on smaller companies that are growing sales and earning a net profit or we have identified a significant turnaround in the business. We create our edge by looking where most of Wall Street investors aren’t focused. We also try to keep a clear and open-minded approach with our investor network to listen to other ideas that may be presented at any given time.

If you are a CEO reading this and feel that your company is undervalued, please connect with us HERE and schedule some time to connect.

Sean Marconi

Sean is the Founder of Hurdle6 Capital. He is responsible for finding misunderstood public and private companies that are investable and connecting with CEO's & long-term minded investors to build a robust network of people throughout North America. In his free time, Sean enjoys playing various sports and is active with his family.

Justin Smith

Justin is the Content Specialist of Hurdle6 Capital. He is responsible for producing high-quality, engaging content for investors. His passion and dedication towards being a lifelong learner, along with his ability to strategically think is impressive. Justin enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors.

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